These 17 Amazing Tattoo Cover Ups Prove There Is Hope For Your Ink Mistakes!

1. The best way to deal with a break up is to simply “VOID” it!


2. This party dog got his bite back!

3. Both pieces are rather good but who doesn’t like Monster!

4. She finally got it fixed and the end result is rather stunning!


5. A really nice color cover up


6. It’s hard to know what the original work was trying to represent but the cover up is fantastic!

7. The detail on the mask is something to wear with pride!


8. Nothing like a bit of national pride to cover up a tattoo mistake!


9. A well played break up cover up

10. She may no longer be bullet proof but the flowers are a nice improvement


11. An arachnophobic would most definitely be scared on the new look!


12. This inter-stellar masterpiece is simply fantastic!

13. The empire wins out in this tattoo cover up!


14. A sophisticated T-rex will always win out over a mermaid!

15. Simply stunning!


16. A fantastic improvement!