These 16 Genius Building Ideas Will Make You Buy A Barrel Of Wine ASAP

A lot of people drink wine, but when you read this post, you’ll realize that the very vessels that wine come in can make amazing decorations. Wine barrels are beautiful, and with a little creativity, and a little wine, these could be the ultimate project to be proud of. Good luck and cheers!


1. Dog Bed

Wine will make you sleep well, whatever your bed situation. Dogs don’t get to drink red wine, so they need a good bed.


2. Stools

These are so classy you will drink in moderation and won’t end up on the floor.


3. Bedside Cabinet

Or just any type of cabinet. Like a wine cabinet. It would be like returning your wine bottles to their spiritual home. You’d be their hero.

4. ‘Coffee’ Table

Think of the secret storage you could have under the table. What on earth would you keep in there?
Wine. You’d keep wine in there.


5. Wine and Glass Holder



6. Ice Bucket

Yes, it would be a challenge to make. But every body loves an ice bucket challenge.

7. Lazy Susan

Invite Susan over and trick her into completing this bad boy.


8. Rocking chair

Roc-A-Fella is in the building tonight.


9. Guitar Stand

For the day that all of your good intentions come to roost.

10. Patio set

A perfect summer set. It will take you all summer to make it.


11. Garbage can

Lucky garbage!


12. Outdoor Bar

This is like a supermodel. You wouldn’t say no.

13. Clock

Just keep this at happy hour o’clock. Whatever works.


14. Sink

This would be a winner whether set indoor or outdoor.

15. Wine rack

A thing of beauty.


16. Talk Show Table

For important matters. The type of important matters you talk about after a few. Too many.