These 16 Brilliant Ideas Turn Simple Crates Into Luxury Vintage Home Decor!

Crates are all over the place, and perhaps that’s why they get so overlooked. In reality, it takes only a touch of creativity to turn this everyday material into one of these useful and fun home decor options. They are sustainable, affordable and will have visitors commenting on your creativity!


1. Bright paint can turn a crate into a storage option your kids are going to be overjoyed with!


2. Hey presto! You have an ottoman with character!


3. Turn crates on their sides and you have coffee table that is not only completely visually pleasing, but includes storage!

4. Stack ’em up! Easy does it!


5. Paint and fix crates on top of each other near the entrance to your home, then put baskets inside. Sorted!


6. Mount crates in the bathroom – they can give a rustic feel that goes nicely with your bathroom linen.

7. Make a table that includes storage, while giving off a thoughtful vibe, as it does in this study.


8. Use crates as storage under your bed!


9. These crates, turned over as they are, create comfort at this wedding. They look especially good when used to house plants.

10. As flower boxers, they work delightfully in decorating your table. in the middle of tables.


11. Go free-form when stacking them up! It gives a carefree, boho feeling to your environment.


12. Use to store blankets and pillows in the sitting room – it will ensure you are always comfortable.

13. Aren’t these crate lanterns genius! Yes!


14. Paint the crates various colours and attach to a garden fence. Beautiful!


15. Create a descending crate chain for herbs and flowers. The effect looks luxurious, and it’ll be your little secret when the compliments come pouring in.


16. Salvage vintage labels and fashion yourself a nostalgic, classic piece!