These 14 Adorable Kitties Have Found Their Favorite Napping Spots On Their Canine Companions

1. So fluffy! Zzzz…


2. What? Don’t judge me!


3. This feel so paw-some!

4. I’m sorry Pup but you’re on bed duty now!


5. I love my fluffy double dog-sized bed!


6. This is furry comfortable!

7. Welcome to my cat nest!


8. Dog, what dog?!


9. My doggy bed, mine!

10. This is just a ‘top dog’ kinda bed!


11. ‘Don’t cha wish your bed was snuggly like mine’?!


12. Don’t move Butch! I’ve just found the purr-fect spot!


13. Not only is this a bed, it’s a perfect hiding place as well!


14. You will be my bed, Dog…No buts!