These 9 Shocking Photos Of The Californian Drought Will Terrify You

The drought it California has now hit record-breaking levels, with the state in its forth year of drought, and the snowpack on Sierra Nevada being the smallest ever recorded.


And here, Squaw Valley ski resort is proving it! Some die hard snowboarders carve in between the patches of dirt, but the snow conditions are unideal.


The governor has imposed state-wide water restrictions, instructing cities and towns to decrease water use by 25%. Some of that will come from golf courses and cemeteries, because these landscaped areas require a lot of water to maintain.

Home landscaping is being targeted too, now that the limited water supply must be conserved for more important uses.


Many residents are now opting for artificial lawns as a water-saving alternative.

These houseboats remain on Lake McClure despite its decreasing water levels.

Lake McClure is at a tiny 7% of its normal capacity, and residents that rely on water from Lake McClure could run out of water soon if the drought continues.

Some are still choosing to ignore the conditions, and make the most of what they’ve got.