These 10 Oil Paintings Will Make You Question Your Eyesight!

She is known as Queen of Double Eyes. Yes, Alex Garant has quite an epic nickname. But it makes perfect sense, as soon as you lay your first pair of eyes on her arresting oil paintings.

It’s hard to believe that they are not digital holographs, but the Canadian Garant uses only oil paint. The results are an eerie take on feminine beauty, finding inspiration in “early ink printing, vintage pop surrealism, baroque tapestries and retro kitsch”. The Queen of Double Eyes’ paintings certainly stay with you.


1. Comet


2. Kaleidoscope Jenna


3. Blur Study

4. Aura


5. Ghoul


6. The Gaze

7. All of Her.


8. The Guardian


9. All of her spirit

10. Let It Burn


11. All of my Love


12. Fool


13. Evergreen


14. The Dream Thief