The Stunning Rosie Huntington Whiteley Makes The Perfect Real Life Barbie For Vogue Japan!

If there was anyone out there that was close to a real life version of the worlds most famous doll it would be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.  Fortunately Anna Dello Russo (contributor and stylist for Vogue Japan) thought so as well and Rosie was transformed into a real life Barbie for the magazines most recent issue. She rocks the look like no other could with the perfect accessories and designer treats from both Ralph Lauren and Valentino!


1. Just-a-Spot-of-Shopping Barbie


2. Cruising-Around-Milan Barbie


3. Girls-Night-Out Barbie

4. Beauty-Queen Barbie


5. Hampton-Life Barbie


6. Lifes-a-Beach Barbie

7. Running-Errands Barbie


8. Party-Prep Barbie


9. Post-Party-Debrief Barbie

10.  Pool-Party Barbie (Pool Accessories and Ken sold separately)


11. Ultimate-Accesorize Barbie