The Real Fight Club: Inside The Secret World Of Bare Knuckle Boxing

A real life fight club has taken hold across the USA. Run in secret by an ex mobster in garages, these bare-knuckle boxers fight for prize money and for their sport to become legitimate along with sports like the UFC (Ultimate fighting Championship).


Bare knuckle boxing is strictly an underground sport.


Former mobster Danny Provenzano is the founder and hopes the sport will soon become legitimate.


He also thinks that the sport will soon be as popular as the UFC.


The bouts are illegal and the competitors fight in garages, alleyways and other venues in a fight club style competition.


Competitors have already earned up to $100,000 for a single fight.


Danny believes that “bare-knuckle boxing requires a lot more skill than gloved boxing, you’ve got to make sure every punch counts otherwise you’re going to break your hand.”

“Because the fighters are throwing less punches there’s less chance of serious injury – there are a lot more cuts and bruises but less long-term brain damage.”


Bobby Gun (below) won the first ever sanctioned fight in 2011 and is considered the best fighter in the world.


He says “I do this for my family, I do this for all the backroom fighters who want to work in a legitimate sport where they can be paid and ranked properly”.

Gun has been in this sport since he was six-years-old and mostly fights for pride.


Because the sport has an illegal gambling background it attracts a lot of bad characters. Following a fight Bobby won the promoter refused to pay and Bobby had a gun held to his head.


They no longer allow gambling because they want the sport to shed its negative image and go legitimate.

Danny is the promoter of the events but before he started these fighting events he spent five years in prison on various charges.


When he came out of prison he wanted to do something different.


He partnered with Bobby and the two of them started the underground bare knuckle boxing competition.

Here they are posing at one of their organized bouts.


They have organized their next fight in international waters so they can have legal gambling on the event.


Bobby will continue to train in his effort to get into the ring with the UFC’s Kimbo Slice.

The sport now draws crowds of around 50-60 people….


…as well as fighters looking for something different.