The Public Begged Lays For These 17 Curiously Mouth Watering And Gag Inducing Chip Flavors

Last year the marketing boffins at Lays decided upon a risky marketing strategy. You might have heard of the #DoUsAFlavor campaign. Here’s a list of the flavors the world wanted. Some of them are hits, others are only for the brave and the mad. Which are your winners?



1. If this flavor were real, lines would be out the door and a national crisis.


2. So, this was the ACTUAL winner, gaining the most votes. There’s been mixed reviews. Worth a try!


3. Cheeky.

4. Strangely enough, the Cappuccino has gathered a decently sized fan base!


5. Problem being, you look at that delicious cinnamon bun on the packet and nothing but the real thing will do.


6. Who wouldn’t be down to try a packet of these WITH your actual gyro.


7. Not bad.


8. For the adventurous character, Chili Squid would hit the spot.


9. Maybe yum. What’s with the fry pan, though?

10. Blueberry. Natural and cool. Huh.


11. What do you think?


12. Canadians…

13. Salad chips. For when you are on a diet.


14. Would you go for Crab Spice or Chili Squid?! Dilemmas…


15. Wow. What?

16. Lemon Tea Flavor? Hm.


17. These would FULLY work.