The People Of Tumblr Are The Unsung Geniuses Of The Internet – Here’s Proof!

Something has been going on in the Tumblr community for a little while now. The site attracts like-minded individuals with questions that need answers and they need them now. Here are 19 reasons the people of Tumblr are geniuses.


1. They care a lot about Cheeseburger related crime.


2. They ask the hard questions.


3. They think way outside the box.

4. One thing always leads to another.


5. Because this is now your new favorite thing.


6. Because they keep a sharp eye on things like this blueberry conspiracy.

7. There is an explanation for every kind of life scenario.


8. They love life’s little mysteries.


9. They have a grasp on the complexities of modern philosophy.

10. It takes a PhD to see the pattern.


11. Because they use actual science.


12. They must make hard choices every day.

13. They care for other life-forms.


14. They hold society accountable.


15. Because this is actually a great point.

16. History is important.


17. Because this conversation actually happened.


18.  Perspective matters.

19. They will never fail in questioning everything.