The Only 19 Pizza Box Drawings You Need To See

1. This over-achiever.


2. This person who can relate absolutely anything to Pokemon.


3. This guy whose favorite charity is for robots who don’t have arms.

4. This guy who has correctly observed that his obsession with unicorns has a lot to do with his virginity.


5. Meat lovers.


6. This person who would rather be a zombie than a vegetarian. Fair enough.

7. This guy better have given a decent tip.


8. This very good point.


9. This cat pizza. You read right.

10. Loki has an antique wardrobe. Scary stuff.


11. This giraffe-rooster cross. Mating would have been fun.


12. Unicorns don’t need your pity.

13. It’s comforting to have had someone create a squirtle on your pizza.


14. Khaleesi’s dragons got fat on pizza between seasons.


15. Domino’s Pizza, the wisdom of your chefs outranks that of Yoda, so he will now be going.

16. This appetizing, disease-ridden, rabid dog.


17. You too will have musculature like this courtesy of Papa.


18. Abe Link wouldn’t have been a fan of cheese pizza. Imagine the beard.

19. Honesty box.