The Glorious Man Bun Looks Even Cuter On These 15 Pups!

1. Man rocked it, and looked amazing, so it makes sense that man’s best friend would give it a go.


2. The doggy top-knot is everything right now.


3. So hip. So, so hip.

4. Good looking and practical.

5. This versatile style is flattering on pretty much every dog.


6. And practical, of course.

7. Long-haired pups do it well.

8. Especially those that have that hot lumberjack look.


9. It’s just too adorable.

10. These dogs could be models. Seriously.


11. Even short haired pups can get in on the trend.


12. These dogs love having the opportunity to look so chic.


13. You could have a whole fashionable household of dogs.

14. And it’s perfect for those days you wake up with bed fur.

15. Embrace the dog bun. Who wouldn’t want a pup that looks like stylish?