The Frozen Niagara Falls Are Incredible, And So Is The Crazy Guy Who Climbed Them!

Extreme weather has been causing problems all over the East Coast of the United States, but it’s also been creating some beautiful sights.

The temperature at Niagara Falls dropped to 16F on Wednesday, causing the Falls to freeze over.

Temperatures are expected to keep falling, so the Falls might stay frozen for awhile.

But none of the tourists are complaining! Niagara Falls looks absolutely magnificent in its frozen form.

People are doing the best they can to get to the Falls to see this spectacular sight, although it’s not easy with no snow like this!

Some people are coming to see the Falls form a different perspective. Will Gadd made history in late January, becoming the first person to ever ice climb Niagara Falls!

He had been tempted to try climb the falls in previous years, but couldn’t get permission from the state. He didn’t want to do it illegally, because he often has to get permission from state or federal agencies to access climbing areas, and this privilege might be taken away if he got caught climbing illegally.


Will is indisputably one of the best ice climbers in the world, and is one of the 2014/2015 National Geographic Adventures of the Year.

He does his best to do his sport as safely as possible, so he can keep coming home to his kids. They’re staring to understand what he does, but for them his waffle-making skills are more important. Will describes them as saying “Oh dad, you climbed Niagara Falls, that’s rad, but where’s my waffle?”


Check out this video of his groundbreaking climb!

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