The Force Is Strong With Mark Hammil’s Autograph Game

Mark Hammil’s iconic role as Luke Skywalker saw him become a household name across the world. Unfortunately for Mark his career after Star Wars didn’t reach the dizzying heights of his co-star Harrison Ford. But one thing that he can certainly say he does better than most is sign some hilarious autographs. It must get monotonous signing so many, especially at events like Comic-Con, but it’s good to see that he has some fun with it.


1. On Darth Vader’s parenting skills


2. On skipping chores to blast womp rats


3. When taking acting tips from George Lucas

4. Looking on the bright side after his family’s untimely demise


5. When your uncle doesn’t listen to advice


6. Bonding with his Tauntaun

7. Looking to make some money on the side


8. Dropping a few subtle hints to Broadway Producers about his range


9. Dinner etiquette is important when dining with Jedi

10. Tackling the topic of awkward space boners


11. Let’s stay friends forever


12. Yearning for life in the big city

13. Worrying what his supervisor will say


14. Brutally, brutally honest


15. Confusing control panels

16. Telling Aunt Beru like it is


17. Again, brutally honest