The 7 Insane Daily Meals That The Rock Is Really Cooking!

Looking like Hercules does not come without hustle. But you won’t believe the extent of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnston’s eating regime. It is stupendous. It is extreme.

The 43 year old former WWE champion and current box-office star is, to put it mildly, HUGE

Revealed here are the crazy, control-freak eating habits of this human Hulk. To indicate: the average man should eat 2,500 calories per day. The Rock isn’t average. He’s chowing down over double that, and every single one is counted and crunched into Rock hard muscle.

To maintain his enviable physique (at 6ft 4in he weighs in at an incredible 270 pounds), The Rock wakes at 4am in order to regulate his metabolism.

He eats exactly 5, 165 calories per day, spread over 7 meals. His daily fare weighs over 10 pounds. He is obsessed with cod fish, eating 1000 calories of it every day.

Praised for being balanced, the diet is protein packed, full of vegetables and essential fats, with enough carbs to give The Rock explosive energy for his gym sessions.

Others have attempted the regime. And failed spectacularly describing The Rock as freakishly driven.

It’s not hard to understand why he has earned his nickname as The Rock. It’s just as obvious that his disciplined diet is combined with a punishing gym routine. The Rock’s Day begins with a light cardio session, then this rather strange breakfast combo:

Around the time most of us are waking, The Rock is on round two, replenishing the carbs. His body is primed to burn calories.

More vegetables, a large chicken breast and a heap of rice keep The Rock rolling for lunch.

Seemingly unconcerned about variation in his diet, The Rock devours an afternoon meal of more cod, rice and vegetables.

The Rock must look forward to this steak and potato. It’s almost normal. He is ingesting serious amounts of antioxidants and fibre with his dedication to salad.

As the evening begins, The Rock takes upon even more cod fish. More rice. More salad.

Somehow, he’s going in for one more. Of course, there are 10 eggs in his omelet. All of that working out requires a concentrated protein hit. More vegetables. His body is a machine gun.

 The Rock has big shoes to fill. Good luck.