The 20 Incredible Scrabble Tile Ideas To Prove That Smart IS Sexy

1. Bar coasters

2. Scrabble diary

Bind two customized scrabble plates together and you’ll have the diary everyone will envy. Moleskine? Boring!

3. Christmas decorations

When you’re scrambling for a last minute Christmas gift, that old scrabble will seem like a miracle!

4. Napkin holders

Customize these in accordance with the names of your family or loved ones and you’ll soon be the favorite!


5. Wedding cake decorations

These are absolutely adorable, aren’t they?


6. Fridge magnets

These are GREAT for posting warning sides to roommates (or drunk uncles): DO NOT ‘BORROW’ MY BEER!

7. Shelving organizers

Don’t give your kids, family, friends or self any excuse to not have a satisfyingly organized kitchen.


8. Garden markers

Be the envy of all of your hipster friends and their grandmothers with these charming lil’ guys.


9. Table top genius

Hey, you get to come up with the order. Use subtle indecencies to keep yourself amused when proper relatives come around.

10. Scrabble rings

How many digits are you rocking on your digits?


11. Earrings

This might start you on a course toward becoming a piercing fanatic: “I’ve gotta get a whole world into one ear!”


12. Scrabble purse


13. Scrabble flooring

Seriously recommended that you have your OCD cousin around when you attempt this.


14. Scrabble keyboard

For when you REALLY want that geek chic co-worker to ask you out.


15. Scrabble faucet

Have you accepted the scrabble faucet challenge yet?

16.  Wine charms

Give your drank some bling.


17. Dishwasher magnet

Whenever it’s your turn to empty the dishwasher, just do the Christina Aguilera and flip it back to DIRTY.


18. Scrabble hair clips

Well, why not?

19. Scrabble clock

Because this way it is always SCRABBLE TIME!


20. Scrabble mosaic

A picture is LITERALLY at least thousand words.