The 20 Driving Tricks You’ll Wish You Had Always Known

We spend so much time in our cars these days, but we could be riding safer, more conveniently and enjoyably with just a few adjustments. You’ll be delighting in the road once more after you’ve checked out these great tricks.

1. Give your headlights a wipe with hot water and toothpaste. Gleam your beams!


2. Adjust your mirrors right. It could cost you your life. You shouldn’t be able to see any part of your car in them. This reduces the chance of having a crash because of blind spots.


3. With only a rubber band, make an easy and cheap phone holder. You NEVER want to be fiddling around under the seat trying to find your phone while you’re driving.

4. Do you want to have to clean your whole car when it becomes greased with dropped food? Re-purpose a shower caddy and keep it under control, because fries are for you, not your upholstery.


5. Don’t just chuck your trash onto the floor. Get a cereal box, put a plastic bag inside and you are sorted.


6. Back the truck up. This genius move will save you so much stress. You’ll always know when to stop when the tennis ball hanging from the roof hits your windshield.

7. “Which side of the car is the gas tank on again?” Well, now you know that the little diagram has an arrow pointing to which side. It’s a revolution.


8. Take a quick pic of where you parked and save yourself SO much time stumbling around looking for it (looking like an idiot) later.


9. This amazing, trippy tip has been around forever and eventually becomes an instinct.

10. When it’s time to change your regristration sticker, you’re not the first (or the last) who has hated that sticky residue left behind. But it’s unnecessary. Just get newspaper, soak it in warm water, put it over the sticker for 10 mins, and it’ll come off easily without leaving any goo.


11. Never butcher your fingernails again changing keys in or out. Get a stapler puller and it’s too easy.


12. Prevent your doors from freezing shut! Just spray ordinary cooking spray onto the seals and then wipe off. It works!

13. Easily store tissues in a takeaway coffee cup. Which likely will fit into your drink holder. Nice.


14. If you are too far away from your car for your remote key to work, use your head (yes, literally) to make it go further. Crazy, but it works! Just point it through.


15. These shoe organizers (usually purchased from a dollar store) put everything in place and keeps the mess at bay.

16. Nail polish vs. cracks in your windshield. Yep! Not only does this solution fix the cracks, but prevent further cracking. Who’da thought?!


17. Get out small dents with a…wait for it…plunger! This is genius!



18. Use a coffee filter to wipe down your driving console. They work better than dryer sheets. People use a little olive oil, or just go with your preferred cleaning emgn 22



 19. When your lock is frozen shut, what do you do?! Use hand sanitizer. It eats right through the ice. No problem!


20. This is vital. In fact, you should print this out and keep it handy. You will not regret this when you are in the clutch. That’s a guarantee!