The 19 Perfect T-Shirts From People That Didn’t Commit The Perfect Crime

When people say dress for the occasion the occasion tends not to be getting arrested. These suffering souls either foresaw their fate and wore a fitting shirt for getting arrested. Or more than likely, they wore whatever shirt they found and irony had a field day.


1. Let’s hope it was for drunk and disorderly rather than a DUI.


2. Thankfully the police saw through this dastardly disguise.


3. Not helping your case there buddy.

4. This one is too perfect.


5. More than likely.


6. Please, please let him have been arrested for something non-related.

7. Oh wow, she’s probably better off locked up.


8. Sorry to rain on your parade, but no one does.


9. Then straight back in again.

10. How did it not work?


11. Not anymore.


12. He was actually on his way to a Shaggy concert when he was pulled over.

13. Won’t somebody please think of the children!


14. This time, unfortunately for him, a lot of trouble.


15. There is no occasion where this shirt would be fitting.

16. Happy Father’s Day!


17. Not the role model anyone wants for their kids.


18. No. No you can’t.


19. Guess some people are just unlucky bro.