The 18 Most Desperate, Disturbing and Utterly Hilarious Wedding Photo Fails

1. Unforgettable decoration.


2. Your wedding day is an ‘exciting’ occasion. Get that tuck just right.


3. Happily meal ever after. The catering bill was beyond reasonable.

4. Don’t do any part of this.


5. It will fit.


6. It’s so, so beautiful how he is holding her…hand.

7. Their dogs also consummated their marriage on that beautiful, poetic day.


8. Known for subtlety.

9. Mrs. Lamphead.

10. This is like Dexter got hold of a serial killer bride and she’s lying on his operating table.


11. You can do this kind of thing every other day of your life. Not your wedding day.


12. Well at least they know what to expect…

13. Yeah. Saucy and romantic. You got it.


14. Don’t you want to see this photo about 4 seconds later?


15. They are no longer friends with the “funny guy.”

16. This bride and her mother-in-law get along wonderfully.


18. Things are off to an excellent start, mate.


19. Wedding dresses are expensive. And you can’t buy good taste.