The 16 Pranks Are As Awesome As They Are Awful! Trick Or Treat!

1. That is a pretty creepy present… Hilarious!

Pranks Of AwesomeImgur

2. This takes skill… Well played!

Pranks Of Awesome

3. Ouch!

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4. Nothing could be crueler than this!

Pranks Of Awesome3Imgur

5. Wake up buddy!

Pranks Of Awesome4Imgur

6. Indoor blob launcher

Pranks Of Awesome5Imgur

7. The best way to handle a sleeping colleague

Pranks Of Awesome6Imgur

8. Busted!

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9. Sure way to a premature heart attack!

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10. Sister 1: Brother 0

Pranks Of Awesome9Imgur

11. This would scare anyone…

Pranks Of Awesome10Imgur

12. Best. Prank. Ever!

Pranks Of Awesome11Ebaum’s World

13. Troll

Pranks Of Awesome12Imgur

14. Furniture monster

Pranks Of Awesome13Imgur

15. Chuky comes to life!

Pranks Of Awesome14Imgur

16. Box monster!

Pranks Of Awesome15Imgur

17. Double whammy!

Pranks Of Awesome16

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