The 16 Essential Ways To Turn Your Simple Porch Into A Luxury Zone

1. Ensure ample seating – everybody is going to want to stop by your gorgeous, renovated porch!


2. Porch rugs give off a subconscious vibe of relaxation and luxury.


3. Light your patio up with lamps, twinkle lights, lanterns and candles and entertain into the night.

4. Potted plants make sure that the patio doesn’t appear too clinical.


5. A cozy nook adds both elements of fun, thoughtfulness and class.


6. Curtains add privacy and luxury.

7. A hammock, a good book and a glass of wine? Yes.


8. Choose one wall surface and have fun with a feature color.


9. Hanging plants add a dreamy and whimsical tone. Plus, you can pot your herbs in them!

10. Cheer the place up with a feature ‘happy place’ wall.


11. Keep blankets on hand for nightfall or a crisp day.


12. Wreaths are known to create a welcoming aura from the first moment guests arrive.

13. Hanging swings are so easy to create, but strangely enough, are quite rare. Stand out when you sit down.


14. Ceiling fans can make all the difference on hot summer days.


15. Either a fireplace or a fire pit not only creates warmth but a feeling of hearty comfort.


16. Sliding doors create indoor-outdoor flow as well asĀ convenience.

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