The 15 Most Hilariously RUTHLESS Break-Up Methods

1. Thanks for immortalizing the worst day of this guy’s life, Google Street View.


2. An official petition by an entire city for you to break up? Hint hint.


3. Well, his stuff was conveniently bagged before being thrown into the hall. That’s what they call a mature break up.

4. Let’s have our cake and eat it too.


5. Catching the heat.


6. The policeman has clearly shown up to get his piece of this good deal.

7. You have the attention of a lot of Stevens, Emily.


8. This is really taking her man through a lot of different emotions and levels of dignity.


9. His J’s…!!! Naw girl.

10. Well, he did seem to name his boat with a degree of honesty. It’s strange she took so long to work it out.


11. What did Jennifer do though?!


12. Well, Steve seems to have created quite the bond between these two!

13. This third wheel just caused emotional wreckage.


14. Do you get teary at romantic stuff like this as well?


15. Well, clearly that damn dog Dave has been making some extra-martical “Excursions”.