The 15 Craziest Tattoos Out There – #12 Will Make You Retch

If you get a tattoo, you’re making a pretty literal and lasting statement. That can be therapeutic and artistic. Can be. But these crazy characters? With one exception, you’re hardly hanging out the window to meet them. Be honest though, just imagine the past and future of the eye-watering horror that is #12. Shud, shud, shudder.



2. Want more out of your fo’head? Get a Mo’head.


3. This pimp does not take card.

4. You know what’s not prospering, holmes? Job prospects.


5. Not a doctor here, but you should get yourself to a heart specialist, stat.


6. You are not going to have an Elf-y love life.

7. Never choose this Louis. Veto it.


8. Must have been a big night/ week long binge before Gucci Mane thought this was a good idea.


9. Toeing the line between good and bad crazy, but def coming down the right side.

10. Meet Chuck Toeler.


11. This dude clearly cheated.


12. Monday morning at the office and John comes in with his new tattoo…

13. This is what ambition looks like.


14. Love it when this guy sits in front of you at the movies.


15. “Mom, you can Harley even see it.” Flossin.