The 15 Animals Who Took These Selfies Just To Make You Laugh

Selfies – they are an obsession. And of course, our pet pals learn from our behavior. It’s little surprise that they are amping up their ‘gram game.


1. Definitely Leonardo DiCaprio’s dizzawg.


2. This artsy cat enjoys poignant weather and the cinematography of the French new wave.


3. Snoop.

4. Grin and bear it, bro. You gotta have ‘gram these days.


5. Get a GRIP on your selfie addiction.


6. “UH!”

7. You pugly.


8. “My holiday was boss. I ain’t lion.”


9. Very photogenic, squire!

10. Even kats be taking up that Kylie Jenner challenge.


11. Yo grams be llame compared to mine. .


12. Taking selfies after your glaucoma meds.

13. Instagram helped him come out of the closet of his shell.


14. Heidi and Seal!


15. The pawfect fam.