The 14 Supreme Space Tattoos Showing The Sky Is Not The Limit

1. Cosmonaut up his sleeve.

Astranauts are physical specimens. Let that chiseled jaw motivate you.


2. Single Saturn?

This is a very subtle hint to her boyfriend that he better put a ring on it.


3. About face.

She’s trying hard to be balanced, but she’s giving out mixed messages.

4. Solar System Logic.

It was clearly a bad day for this gal when it broke that Pluto wasn’t actually in the planet family.


5. Space swangin’.

This dreamy number is beautiful done. We’re all a little jealous.


6. Moon cycle.

Rollin’ 8 deep.

tatt emgn 9[/media-credit]
Done by 3…2…1 Tattoos in Houston. No problem.


8. Calvin and Hobbes

It’s a great tattoo, sure. But take a look at that calf muscle! Those calf lifts allowed this tattoo to be more dreamy than your average.


9. Area 51

Imagine if your partner had this one. They’d lift up their arm in bed, and in the dim light… AH!

10. Color world.

Isn’t this beautiful? This is the work of a skilled tattoo artist. It’s somewhat lost on the colorblind, though.


11. Beamin’ the reindeer up.

They already got Santa. They know where to hit us where it hurts.


12. Comet

This looks painful. Everyone is always asking when it will heal. “Space don’t heal” she replies.

13. Astrocat

They make good astronauts. They have nine lives.


14. Constellations.

She couldn’t handle only reading one horoscope, so she made them all applicable.