The 13 Most Stupid Things Restaurants Use As Plates

1. Slippers.

Seriously, Switzerland? What is this madness?!


2. A wooden board, with side shopping trolley.

NB: TINY side shopping trolley. Can fit 5 fries. What’s the point?


3. A wooden tray, watering can and small pot.

Is this fish and chips or a small garden you’re serving me?

4. A broken bathroom tile

That just doesn’t FEEL hygienic.


5. A chunk of rock

Not cool.


6. A wine glass.

Bangers and mash in a wine glass? That’s just wrong.

7. A trowel

It just feels like they’d be dirty…


8. A park bench

Not just a park bench though, there’s also pots and pails!


9. A flat cap

It’s like where Oliver Twist would’ve kept his bread, if he’d had any.

10. A weird, transparent plastic shoe.

It just doesn’t make me WANT to eat it.


11. A skillet.

Were you too lazy to plate the food after cooking it?


12. A meat cleaver

That’s just dangerous.


13. Under a wine glass.