The 13 Different Faces Of Baby Pooping

When your day consists of the same routine, it’s normal to create more and more interesting ways of doing those monotonous everyday things. So when you’re a baby and all you do is eat, sleep and poop, it’s to the surprise of no one that you come up with a plethora of faces to display exactly what your parents are in for.

Here are 13 different ways babies look you in the eye and pull a face that says “now clean that up, slave!”.


1.The ‘you don’t know what you’re in for’ face.



2. The ‘smells so bad you can taste it’ face.


3. The ‘shame poop’ face.

4. The ‘paranoia poop’ face.


5. The ‘hide that poop behind a smile’ face.


6. The ‘Zen master poop’ face.

7. The ‘working on something special’ face.


8. The ‘what is poop really?’ face.


9. The ‘travelling poop’ face.

10. The ‘exhibitionist poop’ face.


11. The ‘life is meaningless poop’ face.


12. The ‘you left me in my own poop for too long, you’re a monster’ face.

13. The ‘rage poop’ face.