The 13 Backyard Hacks That Are Superbly Cheap And Will Completely Banish Boredom From Your Home!

 1. Don’t have a sprinkler? No matter. You can make one yourself with pool noodle. There’s nothing like the sound of kids giggling as they sprint around one of these!


2. Live LARGE with a hula hoops and dishwashing liquid. Just think of the looks on your children’s faces!


3. Backyard Games!

Okay, this one is just as fun for you as for your kids. Get a cheap colander, strap it to a a helmet and then do challenges to see who can ‘catch’ the most water balloons in the helmet.

4. You don’t have to go to Coldstone to make the ultimate ice cream treat. In actual fact, if you get shaker jars and buy your own ingredients, they’ll last you time and time again over the summer.


5. Make an obstacle course or a hurdles set with pool noodles. Tire ’em out and build up life skills!


6. Make chore kits for the kids. Sure, chores are never going to be fun, but this will spread the delegation and give them a sense of purpose. Win win!

7. With some chalk your driveway can be transformed from asphalt to a world of gaming joy. Get them competitive and beat down the boredom!


8. Supersize your tic tac toe experience! Just a sheet, some tape and a few colored frisbees from the dollar store!


9. Get the little ones to earn the satisfaction of organizing their own indoor and outdoor activities. Plus it’ll save a LOT of time!

10. DIY Gardens

It’s important to get ideas of self-sufficiency and practicality started early: they are life long skills. And kids really enjoy the creative act of making their own gardens. Buy inexpensive tools from the dollar store and you might just be eating some home made produce this summer!

11. Get your kids to make some new friends and to interact with nature by getting a dollar store bowl and making a custom birdbath.


12. Get your children’s aim and balance sorted with easy games like this. It’s like the carnival, except with the convenience of being in your backyard.


13. Sponge Necklaces

This is brilliant, two birds with one stone! Get sponges and have your kids create their own patterns for a necklace. Then you can douse them in water and it’ll function to keep them cool and happy! What a winner!