The 10 Insane Facts About “Hook” That Would Have Changed Your Whole Childhoods

In 1991, Steven Spielberg’s dazzling re-imagining of Peter Pan came out. Children and parents alike were enchanted with the film that saw an older Peter Pan return to Neverland to save his children from the menacing Captain James Hook. There was something for everyone in the film, and it was all many could talk about at the time. But, with time, some amazing facts have come out that will make you want to revisit the classic. Take a magical trip down memory lane!


1. David Bowie was asked to play Captain James Hook. He…TURNED IT DOWN!


2. Even more mind-blowing…TOM HANKS was considered to play Peter Pan!


3. Julia Roberts, as Tinkerbell, spent so much time flying on ropes, that she was provided an assistant to brush off her shoes where she had picked up dirt upon landing. A sole purpose, indeed!

4. Dustin Hoffman also provided the airline captain’s intercom line when the Bannings are arriving in England: “This is your captain speaking…”


5. Peter’s children go by the names “Jack” and “Maggie”, which strangely enough, are the English translations of the German “Hansel” and “Gretel”.


6. Gwyneth Paltrow is, of course, an icon today, but she got her “lucky break” playing a young Wendy! What a journey! Oh yeah, it helps her family is Hollywood royalty!

7. When Granny Wendy is remembering back to the ‘good old days’, she’s actually holding a for real “old school” copy of the book, printed in 1911.


8. For the role of the young Peter Pan, the team chose Dustin Hoffman’s young son, Max. A family affair!


9. Guess who that is? Phil Collins! Star power, indeed!


10. Julia Roberts may be an incredible actress, but from all accounts an incredible pain in the butt as well. Her nickname on the set was “TinkerHELL”!