Taxi Drivers Bare Their Hot Bodies For The People Of New York

You never asked for it, but you’re definitely going to get it. The ‘NYC Taxi Drivers 2016 Calendar’ is about to become your most prized possession of 2016.


1. Two’s company, three’s a crowd.


2. Soon to be the man of your dreams.


3. Fanning the flames of your desire.

4. Look at that stud muffin top.


5. The perfect combination of sexy and cute.


6. “I’ll take you for a ride, if you know what I mean.”


7. This playboy who has that cheeky, guy next door look.


8. The perfect gentleman.


9.  If looks could thrill, your life would be an amusement park.


10. All the skin, in all the right places.


11. Leaving a little bit to the imagination.


12. Lllladies!

13. It’s a deep burn.