Take A Look Behind The Curtain Of Your Favorite Movies

We are lucky to live at a time in world history where entertainment is so readily available and with today’s technology filmmakers are able to turn our wildest fantasies into movie magic. It’s still pretty cool to look behind the curtain and see what the wizard is up to though. Here are ten set photos that offer a look behind the filmmaking curtain.


1. The freezing water in Titanic.

The final hour of Titanic deals with a sinking ship and a lot of time spent in water. Reportedly the water used was icy cold during some scenes (note James Cameron’s wetsuit). Actors from the film have stated on several occasions how cold the water was – acting isn’t all it’s cracked up to be apparently.


2. Frodo had a run in with Spider-Man in The Lord of The Rings.

behind the scenes emgn 2

Shelob is a giant spider in The Lord of the Rings. In this scene Frodo has found himself wrapped in one of her pretty comprehensive webs that would make Spider-Man proud.


3. Avatar gives you wings.

Zoe Saldana is in the studio delivering the actions and lines that will later become Neytiri of the Na’vi.

4. Harry Potter and Professor Snape are friends?

Daniel Radcliffe and Alan Rickman share a joke on the set of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, which is a stark contrast to the Harry Potter universe where the two characters are constantly at odds. This picture is especially poignant due to Rickman’s recent passing.


5. Pretty sure it’s dead.

This bizarre photo was taken on the set of Jurassic World and shows the tricks filmmakers use to create visual effects.


6. “Weee!”

Daniel Craig is seen here being a beast in the movie Skyfall. In this scene Bond uses an escalator as a slide, but Daniel Craig gets to land on a nice cushy cushion.

7. The Hunger Games isn’t very hungry.

You thought acting was easy? Try not hamming it up when you’re on set and the surrounding environment looks like a life-sized version of a kids’ toy.


8. “I’ll tell your family you love them.”

Contrary to popular belief, the man-eating shark in Jaws was quite the teddy bear. That’s because he’s animatronic – but those teeth still look pretty sharp.


9. Russell Crowe horses around with his stuffed tiger.

This shot again shows the kind of deception necessary for pulling off realism without using CGI and without actually putting the actor’s life in danger. Obviously Crowe probably didn’t want a massive tiger inches away from his jugular in Gladiator, so the crew improvised.

10. Alice in CGI land.

Alice is supposed to be in Wonderland but as you can see, the only real thing in this scene is the actress.