In Sri Lanka They Play “Tuk Tuk Polo” Now, Because, Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka scores again. Who says you have to exercise to play a sport? You’ll go faster if you’ve got wheels – plus, this version of polo looks super intense.


In Sri Lanka, polo is now played with three wheelers called tuk tuks.


Man, that looks so intense… And dangerous… But mostly intense.


Why not the traditional way, you ask? Well, before getting the answer to that question, you should probably know that their traditional polo is also not what you think it is.

Horses? HAH! Sri Lanka laughs in the face of horses. Their original polo actually included elephants. However, one of the elephants was a sore loser and kept going on a rampage and crushing all the cars.


So there, that’s why. Stampy ruined it for everyone. So no more elephants, all of the tuk tuks instead.


It looks like so much fun though, look at them go!

Extreme sports. Sri Lanka. Out.

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