The Most Spoiled 15-Year-Old In Texas

Whatever happened to a 15th birthday party surrounded by your best friends? Now it’s all about what celebrity we can pay to sing for us. Gone are the days of simple fun. Maya Henry’s dad is a rich Texan and he decided to throw his daughter a $6 million Quinceañera. *screaming internally*. From Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist to a performance by Nick Jonas, no expense was too great. We bet Nick was singing “Jealous” and we bet so many people were.


In preparation for her $6 million party, Maya Henry’s makeup was done by Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Patrick Ty, as well has having her photos taken by Donna Newman, who has worked with Michelle Obama.

Maya’s family members rolled up to the San Antonio venue in nine Rolls Royces, which her father quickly uploaded to Instagram.

As the family posed for photos, what was waiting inside the party was beyond imagination.

Those shoes though?


Thousands of dollars were spent on the flowers, swinging chandeliers and butterflies hanging from the ceiling.



If that wasn’t enough, Pitbull and Nick Jonas performed for the 600 guests and posed with the 15-year-old afterwards.


To screaming friends and family Maya walked on stage to step into the limelight. It took 150 party planners to plan the day. Yep, 150 individual party planners.


As well as having the most elaborate birthday party of all time, Maya seemed to schmooze with the celebrities on the regular. We suspect it has something to do with forking out for backstage VIP tickets at concerts.



Don’t feel bad if you didn’t have a birthday party like Maya, she is one in six million that is lucky enough to have this, and this is not real life anyway.