These Seniors Prove That Tattoos Are Like A Fine Wine

These elder statesmen and women are living proof that the body ink you get done will mean as much then as it does now. Ignore the naysayers and embrace the ink you love so much, because you’ll love it later in life as well.


A common question young people get asked when they get a tattoo is: “have you considered how it’ll look when you’re old?”

The answer: It’ll look just as awesome as it did when you were young.

Clearly, your grandkids would think they’ve got the most exciting gramps ever!

It’s worth remembering that your tattoos (and you!) will still look sexy when you’ve aged.

You’ll look like you’ve got some interesting stories to tell.

It’s nice to have such strong reminders about who you were when you got your tattoos, and how that person is still with you.

Come on, these chest tattoos look amazing.


So what do you think about all those warnings?

That you’ll get bored of them…

…Or that they’ll get all saggy…

…Or that you’ll never be able to look professional?

These guys all disagree.

They know, they’re living it.

After all, you can always just roll your sleeves down.

So are you still worried about what those tattoos will look like when you’re 70?

These guys don’t seem too worried.

That person who wanted that tattoo in the first place? They’re still with you.

Embrace it.