Self-Taught Makeup Artist Has Created The Most Realistic Horror Face Art Yet

Rachael Divers is a 27-year-old, self-taught makeup artist who has learned to create faces only a serial killer’s mother could love after watching online videos. Her horrific face-contorting creations take between 40 minutes and three hours to create and leave a lasting impression on anyone who crosses her path.


Rachael Divers has created a masterwork in horror art from her home in Yorkshire, England.


All it took was a bit of makeup, trial and error and tips learned from watching YouTube videos.


Rachael has transformed a number of people into frightening zombies, clowns and witches.

The 27-year-old makeup genius says her inspiration for her horrific creations came from watching TV as a kid.


“I’ve always loved the gorier, SFX side of make-up – I think it’s down to watching so much Buffy the Vampire Slayer when I was younger”.


“I just loved the costumes and makeup, it really struck a creative streak inside me and got me excited to try out different looks.”

The secret to her incredibly artistic creations is her love for the creepiest holiday of the year.


“Halloween has always been a holiday I’ve adored – anything slightly creepy or gothic draws me in like a magnet”.


Rachael spent months watching tutorials and reading up on what products SFX artists recommended.

“I didn’t have any formal training, so I spent hours at a time in front of my computer following step-by-step tutorials until I was satisfied”.


These designs can take Rachael up to three hours to create and she is always trying to push boundaries in search of the most ghoulish and authentic look.


“I try to step up my offerings every year, to push the boundaries and create more intense looks”.

During Halloween Rachael is now booked solid getting paid to do something she loves for clients that adore her work.


“I especially love seeing my clients’ faces when they take a look at their makeovers for the first time”.


Rachael devours horror movies which she uses every year for new inspiration.

“My favourites are probably my burning zombie and my Coco the zombie clown makeovers. Coco was so much fun to do and looked terrifying when it was finished – it certainly freaked me out!”


She measures her success by how terrified she can make her mom. If her mom can’t look at one of her creations than she knows she’s done a good job.