Scrawny Man’s Ten Year Transformation Into A Hulking Behemoth

Martyn Ford was a scrawny guy, who stood at six-feet-eight, before he made a decision that changed his life forever.


Martyn Ford has always been taller than most people, but he hasn’t always dominated the scales.


Ten years ago he weighed 170 pounds, now the behemoth bodybuilder has completely transformed into a hulking, 325 pounds of pure muscle.


His transformation was as simple as making a decision to change his life, and sticking with it.

Standing beside him today is a risky proposition for all those not wanting to be compared with small children.


Recently, Martyn has been cast in the latest Undisputed film, his character’s name will be ‘Nightmare’.


That’s all smoke and mirrors though, in real life he is a devoted family man.

He loves spending time with his daughter, even if he has to attend tea parties in a little pink castle.


Martyn passes along ten years of muscle building wisdom to others that look to emulate his efforts.


Nutrition is very important, and so is a regular meal schedule – the man eats eight meals every day.

He lets his many Instagram followers know, not only how to train, but why.


Because of Martyn’s original size, his frame can accommodate more bulk and muscle than most people could safely hold.


He emphasizes that muscle growth isn’t everything, the real achievement is having a goal and following through, regardless of what the aim is.