Why Samantha Bee Is The Queen Of Late Night TV

Samantha Bee has certainly made a name for herself this year by being only the second woman in history to host a late night TV show. The first being the late great, Joan Rivers. Alongside legends of late night like Johnny Carson, David Letterman, Jay Leno and Conan O’Brian, Samantha has firmly planted herself among the best in the business and she is getting raving reviews as well as huge viewership.

Her career started to gain speed in 2003 when she became a correspondent for the Daily Show With Jon Stewart. When the show finished, she had become incredibly respected in the business and was the front runner to replace Jon after he left. Little did the public know that Samantha had her own brilliant show in the works.



Samantha Bee was a young Canadian with a dream. To make it big with the help of her big cousin AMERICA. She jumped the boarder, legally of course, and pursued a career as a comic/journalist/politician make-funnerer.


Samantha Bee had her big break when she was thrusted into the homes of America when she appeared on the Daily Show With Jon  Stewart in 2003. Acting as a correspondent, her interview and comedic talents were welcomed and she became a regular.

Her quick wit and willingness to go where no journalist had gone before, made for some incredibly animated segments and interviews.


Samantha was on The Daily Show for 12 years and for many of those she was the only female correspondent.


When Jon Stewart announced that he was hanging up his hat in 2015, many rumors swirled that Samantha would be the one to replace him. However, she had something else in the works.

On the very last episode of his show, Jon dedicated a segment to Samantha and her gratitude to him was visible as she came out on set to say her last goodbyes.


She said that she had planned to leave The Daily Show before Jon announced his retirement because she had her own show in the works.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee aired in February 2016 on TBS to incredible ratings in the 10.30pm time slot. She was suddenly the one to watch late at night, especially for her commentary on the GOP debates.


Her crude, hilarious and effortlessly witty show is an easy pill to swallow in the middle of the very serious threat of a Rodeo Clown running the country.


You can catch Samantha in Full Frontal (her TV show you pervs) on Monday nights. Clips from her show are also uploaded to her YouTube channel. Watch how this Canadian/American woman is taking down the men of late night, one ovary at a time.