10 Wildly Inappropriate And Funny Ryan Reynolds Tweets

Ryan Reynolds will often write hilariously inappropriate tweets about his sweet daughter, and it tickles us pink. Would he get away with these tweets if he and his wife weren’t so attractive? We may never know, but here are his best tweets.


1. He addresses uncomfortable topics with the honest truth.


2. People would buy that book.


3. She just needs a gag ball and she’s good to go.

4. It’s fair enough that he doesn’t want his friends to realize his baby is crap at life.


5. Well, at least he lost it to Blake Lively.


6. So many parents could relate to this.

7. People are so judgmental. Do your job tattoo man!


8. “Daddy has to go make dollar bills, seeya.”


9. ¬†Good thing she was already “lazy”.

10. Umm everyone you know will WHAT?