Revered Buddhist Monk Is Mummified And Covered In Gold Leaf To Become A Shrine

Fu Hou, a highly respected Buddhist monk in China, has received the highest honor by being transformed into a beautiful golden statue four years after his death. After spending most of his life at the Chongfu Temple in southeastern China, the temple decided to commemorate Fu Hou and his devotion to Buddhism by transforming him into an inspiration.


Fu Hou started practicing Buddhism at the age of 13 and devoted his entire life to his beliefs before his death at the age of 94.


The monk served at the Chongfu Temple on a hill in the city of Quanzhou in southeastern China.



According to his disciples, he was a wonderful monk, and a quiet man with a heart of compassion who painstakingly practiced what he preached. He was widely respected by younger monks and by his peers.

Before he died, the monk’s wish was to have his body preserved. Immediately after he passed, his body was washed, treated by two mummification experts and sealed inside a large pottery jar.


The jar was opened in January, and Fu Hou’s body was found instact and sitting upright with little sign of deterioration.


The body was then washed with alcohol and covered in layers of gauze, lacquer, and golf leaf. It was then robed, and a glass case was ordered for protection against theft.

According to the local Buddhist belief, only a truly virtuous monk’s body would remain intact after being mummified.