Reminisce Over These 19 Toys You Fully Had In The 90’s Growing Up

No responsibilities, no complicated decisions and simply a great deal of fun – childhood was awesome.


1. Last day of school before the holidays.


2. Polly Pocket!


3. Hearing dat Ice cream truck.

4. You could be a superhero at any time.


5. Trading Garbage Pail kids cards.


6. Making your own Snoopy snow cones.

7. Building a fort.


8. Pool Parties.


9. Wasting your time because you could.

10. Drawing on Paint.


11. Testing your balance.


12. Just eating whatever you wanted to eat.

13. Spending hours making insignificant decisions.


14. Stretching Stretch Armstrong.


15. Shrinky Dinks!

16. Playing jumprope all afternoon.


17. Hanging out at the arcade.


18. Mario just got to live forever.

19. Teleportation.