‘Phone Pinching’ Is The Newest Ridiculous Teen Trend

It’s like every generation gets more extreme. In the 60s your parents were getting their thrills from “sex, drugs and rock’n’roll” in a puritanical decade. More recently, the crazy youths of today are embracing a trend where they dangle their life and souls (smartphones)  in precarious positions. Hell-raising stuff, we promise.


 1. Sit down.


2. We condone littering, just this once.


3. Damnation.

4. “She used to be such a nice girl…”


5. Time for an intervention.


6. Take a day off, Ferris.

8. There’s bondage, and then there’s phone pinching at Bondi Beach.


9. It’s a slippery slope.

10. Phone pinching is a gateway drug. Next minute, heroin.

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