There is a lot of inherent beauty in nature that humans best appreciate by humanising it. With this list the birds true emotions have been expressed with the simple addition of human arms. The results are fantastic!

Sometimes parents mean well but they still manage to do some really embarrassing things. Unfortunately, with the advent of Facebook, these things often result in instant public humiliation! Enjoy.

We don’t think any body understands how this bizarre facial expression trend began or why women deform their faces in such a way for photographs. One thing we do know is that it should be stopped and stopped yesterday!

Tattoos can be meaningful and beautiful when they are well considered and thought out. These people have failed with their tattoo choices, which are neither meaningful nor beautiful but are good for a laugh!

Weddings are a time for to celebrate. But sometimes you just have to wonder what people were thinking with these particular weddings!

How often do you accidentally take the perfect shot for the moment? Or capture a visual pun by mistake? We love these accidental masterpieces. Here are a few that we hope will brighten your day.

Sometimes you can’t help but wonder what some parents were thinking… Check out these unfortunate name fails and have a chuckle.