One Man’s War Against Terrible Tinder Profile Pics

One man recently decided that the world of Tinder profile pics had gotten out of control. Tindafella has probably just started a movement after trolling Tinder members’ profile pictures (if they were bad enough to deserve the honor). The results are comedy gold.


1. That picture’s the breast…best!


2. He’s good with the housework too, ladies!


3. Sexually suggestive rock is being sexually suggestive.

4. “It’s sexy because I’m naked and a musician”.


5. “Check out my incredible half bum”.


6. The forgotten and ancient art of foot wine drinking.

7. Milk it for all it’s worth.


8. Make Tinder love, not Tinder war.


9. Is that a banana in your hair or are you just happy to see me?

10. “I ride stallions…get it?”.


11. This is why you should never rage Tinder.


12. The ‘downward dog on a surfboard’ position.

13. “This photo says I’m a free spirit that’s up for anything…by anything I mean sex”.


14. The ‘concerned pig face’. Is that what the kids are doing these days?


15. “Quack, quack, I’m a duck!”.

16. “I swiped right to the Cheese Balls…I really like Cheese Balls.


17. You should be proud of your beer belly girl, he definitely is.


18. She’s big on safe head.

19. The Japanese Princess Leia.


20. Must have been one hell of a joke.


21. Everybody meet brows, brows meet everybody.