Nicki Minaj’s Wax Sculpture Got Trolled So Hard That The Museum Had To Put Guards On

Nicki Minaj’s controversial music video for “Anaconda” provided inspiration for a waxwork at Madame Tussauds wax museum in Las Vegas.  The museum should well have predicted that the public would, very quickly, get ‘cheeky’ with the seductive statue.


The rambunctious individual below likes what she sees and decides to ‘make it rain’ as if she is paying for college tuition.


Some imaginative characters have theorized that the pose adopted by Minaj’s likeness could, in the deviant and/or perverse brain, be closely associated with sexual intercourse.


In the streets, the pose is sometimes referred to as ‘doggy style’. This slang alludes to the manner in which canines mount each other during the course of their mating. With this reading of the scene, Minaj would be enacting the position of the female dog, prepared for the mating act.

In the picture below one woman grabs the breasts of the statue while the other pokes her tongue out as if delving toward the ‘space’ between the statue’s buttock cheeks.


Minaj’s fellow popstar Azealia Banks saw it coming. She predicted the pose would ‘stir’ the public into using the prone, wax version of Minaj as a crotch prop.

Below is the very naughty boy who saw his opportunity, and took it. The offender knelt behind the statue, resting a guiding hand upon the statue’s haunch. Some have speculated that he is emulating how he would have sex with the actual Minaj. The museum recognized this and now have the statue guarded and fenced off so that others do not enact their bawdy fantasies upon it. The museum released a statement admitting that while their statues are an “immersive” experience, that the man below possibly immersed himself far too deeply in the experience.

The guards, it is safe to say, will have their hands full.


The museum certainly courted its fair share of press, hiring several similarly curvy backup dancers to thrust about the statue. These dancers were also dressed in subtly suggestive outfits.

The dancers are mimicking those employed as underlings and supplicants to Minaj in her “Anaconda” music video.


This is the still from “Anaconda” that the museum chose to recreate in wax. The model is quite realistic, although it seems to have scaled back the proportions of Minaj’s hulking haunches, possibly for reasons of cost.


Azealia Banks did not seem to approve of Minaj’s pose. She herself prefers the standing up position. She also alleges that it is white people that wanted to not only literally, but also figuratively, bend Nicky Minaj over.

However, the singer herself seems to crawl with the ‘no such thing as bad publicity’ camp. She proudly posted a video to her social media account. She also posted two of the photos in this post. One of them was the picture of the woman getting a good grip upon that statues breasts while her friend sticks her tongue into the crevice between Minaj’s ass cheeks. The other was the picture of this man caressing the statue’s stattuesque buttocks. His admiration for their monumental mass is clearly visible upon his face. It received 300,000 likes.