New Banksy ‘Bemusement Park’ Art Project Fires Shots At Disneyland

Dismaland is the new project by street artist Banksy and you might notice a few similarities between it and Mickey Mouse’s famous hood, Disneyland. Banksy calls this a ‘bemusement park’ and has set the experience up to be, well, utterly dismal with the artist encouraging visitors to take selfies and tweet them with the caption #MyDismalExperience. Even the workers and security guards have been paid to look unhappy, creating an all-encompassing miserable experience which fires shots at entities that promote mindless consumerism like Disneyland. Let’s start the show.


1. To protect and slide.


2. Dismaland, where none of your dreams come true.


3. The marketing guy needs to be fired.

4. This rip on the Disney castle looks like a celebrity before and after.


5. Banksy is warning us about the impending zombie apocalypse.


6. You could make a few good puns out of this, but let’s not resort to toilet humor.

7. “I knew it! Batman and Robin is just a miss-understood movie after all.”


8. My milkshake brings all the birds to the yard.


9. Not sure but this mouse might be taking the Mickey.

10. Finally, a balloon we can get on board with


11. Looks like there was a miscarriage of justice here.


12. Finally, a nice normal ride for the kids.

13. “Ooooooh I love lasagne.”


14. “This place isn’t exactly horrible, but it’s not great either, it’s just sort of in between, I just can’t think of a good word to describe it though.”


15. Life’s a beach, except when you’re living in Britain.

16. “Have you got my back bro?”. “Yeah bro, don’t worry, I got your butt.”


17. These people just can’t seem to face the truth.


18.  Get ready for the massive law suit.

19. Dismaland, where the gift shop sells you your broken dreams back to you.