This Is Why You Should Never Fall Asleep At Work

It takes a lot of balls to fall asleep at work (many are called but few are chosen). All of us have resisted the temptation to catch a few winks from time to time, but this guy was just like “screw it” and went off skipping merrily to dreamland. If you’ve ever wondered what happens in this glorious age of social media to a guy who decides to count sheep at the office, look no further than Sleepy Mc Sleeper here.


Here’s the original image before the internet went all Photoshop on its ass.


Actually he looks kind of cool here, this might not go so bad for the guy…


…wait, spoke too soon. There’s going to be a whole lot of nerd gags probably…

…or death jokes. That actually got super dark really fast, this guy has a mother, internet! A mother who probably bakes cookies and volunteers at old folks’ homes.


Now this is more like it. You give the internet sleep and the internet brings you rock – good job intern…


…you were just about to get a gold star and you had to go and ruin it didn’t you?¬†Internet, you always take the joke way too far.

Classic Weekend at Bernie’s gag. That movie really needs a remake.


That’s pretty cute, the guy’s dreaming that he’s He-Man…sleeping? Wait so even in his dreams this guy is sleeping?


That was fast. Hollywood’s really lacking material for original movies these days.

It just keeps going. It really feels like this guy’s about to be immortalized as a hero for left wing college kids.


Nailed it! Sleepy Guevara – “Viva la revolution!”.


And now his watch has ended…

…because X-Files is back baby! And Gillian Anderson is a stone cold fox.


Don’t worry, it was all a dream. In reality it’s the beginning of the zombie apocalypse and you’re the first carrier (some guys get all the luck). Now eat your work colleagues – they were being douches anyway.