Meet The Woman Who Can Actually Teach Dogs To Be Funny

Elke Vogelsang takes the most delightful pictures of dogs. They’re just too darned cute. Three of the following are actually her own puppies, who she has adopted from Spain. Who knew that dogs could be quite so expressive! The photographer has an incredible skill for bringing out these pooches’ finest moments.

1. Ah!


2. Could you say no? No.


3. Roller coaster face.

4. We’ve all kissed someone with a tongue like this…right?


5. Oh, give him a Nickelodeon show already!


6. Dogs can definitely speak.

7. “Not everybody who wears a hood is a hoodrat, mum.”


8. Ice block tongue.


9. Trust.

10. We all know a guy who yawns like this.


11. Not photoshopped! What?!


12. This is a human personality test: if you don’t laugh. You are a martian.

13. Don’t they bring joy!


14. Born in the wrong body.


15. Dentist trained doggie.

dog emgn 15

16. The most symmetrical dog in the world.


17. Double barrelled snot gun.

dog emgn 17