Meet The ‘New King Of Instagram’ Who Is Giving Dan Bilzerian A Run For His Money

WARNING: Explicit content

Tony Toutouni is a billionaire entrepreneur whose extravagant and lavish lifestyle is very well on the way to earning him the title of ‘King of Instragram’.


This is a title formerly (unofficially) held by controversial poker player Dan Bilzerian, but Toutouni is quickly working his way up the ranks.


Inspired by Bilzerian, who he considers a friend, 42-year-old Toutouni created his Instagram account eight months ago, and has already amassed 750,000 followers.

Bilzerian has over 8 million followers, but the insane pace in which Tony’s audience is growing is undeniable.


“I don’t want to compete with Dan but people are saying that I’ve grown dramatically and extremely fast I can tell you that,”

emgn tony toutouni 5


“But Dan is actually a friend of mine and the whole Instagram thing started because he was posting on it.”

“I saw that his Instagram following was growing pretty fast so I started doing it. The more I posted, the more people would tag and tag.”

emgn tony toutouni 7


Their accounts are extremely similar, featuring an array of scantily-clad women, piles and piles of money, insane vehicles, and just general debauchery.

emgn tony toutouni 8


Bilzerian has faced his fair share of controversy due to the ridiculous photos he’s posted on social media – and of course things like kicking one woman in the face and breaking another woman’s foot by throwing her from a roof into a pool…and we’re sure Tony’s well on his way too.

He already gets a heap of criticism for his posts. “Sure I get hate on Instagram,” he says. “I have feminists who hate me with a passion and church people who want to cure me because I have ‘issues'”

emgn tony toutouni 10


Of course, none of this seems to deter the billionaire, who continues posting the outrageous images online despite the controversy.


For Tony, it seems, its just the life he knows, and the life he’s always wanted.

“What man in this world can’t say this isn’t the lifestyle they want to live? It’s a lifestyle that every man wants to live and I enjoy living it”


His Instagram tagline reads: “They say it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, so I compromised! Moderately rich and just moody.”


He now has a regular girlfriend, but has no plans to slow down his antics.

He claims to have funded boob jobs and “truckloads of gifts for kids”, and says “I like to do funny stuff for fans.” 


Tony found his fortune in a Hollywood nightclub when he was just 19 years old.


He purchased the club, which then became hugely successful, and then sold it and bought another.

emgn tony toutouni 18

“I also invested in car dealerships and different ventures – restaurants, bars. I’d build businesses to be successful and then sell them for a profit”, he says.

emgn tony toutouni 19


Now, he’s got jets, he’s got cars, women, houses, and pretty much everything he’s ever wanted.


But most importantly, he’s got Instagram, meaning we all get a little piece of the fun.

If he continues at this rate, Dan Bilzerian will really need to up his game!


So whose do you prefer? Dan or Tony?


Perhaps you can’t stand either of them…

But here are some more outrageous photos to aid your decision…