Meet The Australilan Playboy Tycoon Hugh Hefner Should Be Worried About

This Australian adult actually wants to be known as ‘The Candyman’.

The middle-aged Candyman is an extravagant Australian athlete and zoolander. He inherited a lot of money from his parents selling cigarettes.

His real name is Travers Beynon, and he lives in a Gold Coast party pad. He tries desperately to rival Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Mansion.

For The Candyman, the party don’t stop. Except to pose for photos that he can show off to his 18, 000 Instagram followers. He can hire lots of promotional models to stand with him.

Mr. Beynon does not use conventional plates to eat sushi off. He likes to eat off silicone.


The Candyman enjoys having white cream rubbed into his torso by his classy promotional models. It makes Candyman smile to call these elite models the ‘Candy Shop Goddess’. They all have very good posture.

The Candyman does not even mind if his bejeweled jeans get wet. Surprisingly, there appear to be a few men in this photograph.

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The Candyman provides savory foods, like these hamburgers, as clothes for his employed female friends.


The Candyman is also humble. Where he could be boasting about his Roll Royces’, Ferraris and Lamborghinis, he is just as happy to ride a trike. This displays that he enjoys the simple things in life.

Oh wait.


Here, Mr. Beynon is flanked by a mere two women.


Travers Beynon forgets to mention in this unusual mugshut-cum-C.V., that he is a very, very tall man. He is the world’s tallest man. At ten feet.


But beyond the absurdity, there are dense legal questions. The Candyman is the heir to a tobacco retail empire, and is currently the managing director of Freechoice Tobacco. Cancer watchdogs aruge that he uses social media to align tobacco with glamour. The use of social media advertising to promote smoking is outlawed in Queensland.


1 in 5 men in Queensland die each year of smoking related illnesses. Here, The Candyman is 1 man between 5 women.


Guests at parties thrown by the swarthy Candyman (who likes to wear sleeveless vests and beard dye) recall him arriving in a helicopter, while topless strippers and completely naked exotic animals are paraded around.

Free choice?


Amazingly, The Candyman says his dream took 20 years to come up with. This is because it is so original. He muses: “…my vision was always to develop and create a more entertaining party event — something akin to a Disneyland that adults could enjoy coupled with a similar hysteria to Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory for children.”


De ja vu.