Man On Boat Works Through Break-Up Pain By Sending Punny Snapchats To The World

He got dumped. Most people have experienced it, and we all know the pain a bad break-up can cause. What most people haven’t experienced is being dumped while stuck working on a boat far out at sea, without your best friends’ shoulders to cry on. This guy decided to reach out through Snapchat, letting all his mates know how heartbroken he was.


1. He took a gamble on the relationship… but it didn’t pay off


2. He needs a little more sugar than he got from her


3. Somewhere, there was a break in their circuit board

4. He cried an ocean for her


5. They just weren’t compatible lovers


6. Their relationship couldn’t be rescued

7. In the end, it was ‘knot’ meant to be…


8. Just like his tears…


9. She never really warmed to him


10. His tools weren’t enough to make her stay